Monday, May 28, 2012


Since this was my last free weekend I sleept over at the Oasis, together with my kids.
We ate nasi goreng and looots of candy, watched spiderman and stick it and played dodgeball, werewolf and other fun games.
The weekend was great, everyone had fun and the kids behaved exemplary!
I'm going to miss those kids very much!

They had a surprise for me so I wasn't allowed to look. I was so excited. :)

And this was the surprise. They decorated the entry for me, with plants, a big cloth saying: 'We love Lara' and colorful lights, which you can't see in the picture because it isn't dark yet. :)

As long as it was still light outside we played fun games and

as soon as it was dark we watched the movies.

This is where we wasn't as comfortable as it looked. :D And it was pretty cold during the night. I know what you think, but I did come prepared! I brought a jacket and a sarong but when I wanted to go to bed(floor) Itin was already asleep, wearing my jacket, and Astawa was already curled up in my sarong. But no worries, the constant buzzing of mosquitos in my ear quickly made me fall asleep....

 After waking up at about 6 (!!!!! usually they get up at 5..this was only because they stayed up late! But hey, good thing I'm a morning person..) we played werewolf all morning.

 They didn't want to go home at all.

The kids in my class:




Ida Wayan


Ayu and Bunter


Eka, Putu, Ani, Itin, Moni, Mayang and I

Putu and Budi

Made G, Wk, Ida Wayan

After the first ones started to fall asleep again around noon (..thats what you get for waking up so freaking early!) I decided it was time for everyone to go home. :)


  1. Das sieht aus als wenn ihr ordentlich Spaß hattet. Ich denke mir ich werde mal auf einer Seite deines Zimmers die Wand freiräumen......sicher wird dort bald Platz für ein schönes großes Plakat benötigt...oder irre ich mich? ;-)

  2. das freut mich aber das ihr noch so ein schöne Zeit hattet !!
    Spaß hattet ihr ja ne menge wie man sehen kann :) genieße mal deine letzte Woche

  3. Hi Lara,
    Die letzten Beiträge sind alle sehr schön und nett zu lesen. Jetzt ist deine letzte Woche angebrochen, aber du wirst den Ort ja nicht für immer verlassen und in Deutschland gibt es ebenfalls sehr viele die sich auf dich freuen!
    Bis in einer Woche,
    Chris :)