Monday, May 28, 2012


Since this was my last free weekend I sleept over at the Oasis, together with my kids.
We ate nasi goreng and looots of candy, watched spiderman and stick it and played dodgeball, werewolf and other fun games.
The weekend was great, everyone had fun and the kids behaved exemplary!
I'm going to miss those kids very much!

They had a surprise for me so I wasn't allowed to look. I was so excited. :)

And this was the surprise. They decorated the entry for me, with plants, a big cloth saying: 'We love Lara' and colorful lights, which you can't see in the picture because it isn't dark yet. :)

As long as it was still light outside we played fun games and

as soon as it was dark we watched the movies.

This is where we wasn't as comfortable as it looked. :D And it was pretty cold during the night. I know what you think, but I did come prepared! I brought a jacket and a sarong but when I wanted to go to bed(floor) Itin was already asleep, wearing my jacket, and Astawa was already curled up in my sarong. But no worries, the constant buzzing of mosquitos in my ear quickly made me fall asleep....

 After waking up at about 6 (!!!!! usually they get up at 5..this was only because they stayed up late! But hey, good thing I'm a morning person..) we played werewolf all morning.

 They didn't want to go home at all.

The kids in my class:




Ida Wayan


Ayu and Bunter


Eka, Putu, Ani, Itin, Moni, Mayang and I

Putu and Budi

Made G, Wk, Ida Wayan

After the first ones started to fall asleep again around noon (..thats what you get for waking up so freaking early!) I decided it was time for everyone to go home. :)

First Goodbyes

Last Friday was my official farewell party at the Oasis. It was an amazing day, I loved it!
The kids and I decorated everything together and we ate lots of delicious food. The kids danced and sang for me and I got all sorts of little farewell gifts.
I only have about a week left in Indonesia and at the Oasis...the clock is ticking. :(

Budi festooning the assembly hall.

Dion and Budi

Moni and Mayang

Made G

Itin, Bunter, Mayang, Moni and Gede Macal while hanging up the balloons.


Ida Ketut and I
The party started at 2 o'clock, as usual. Each one of my SMP kids had written a review about me and my teaching and the time we had spend together and Ade made me read them out aloud.
They were wonderful...I couldn't even get through half of them before I choked up and almost burst out crying like a baby. They are so sweet! :)

Afterwards there was a quiz:

Team A were Defi and Made G.

Team B, Ilu and Eka.

And team C, Itin and Kadek.
Defi, Ilu and Kadek are in 6th grade and had to participate in the quiz about their studies at the Oasis to get their schoolarship.

The jury were the SMP kids of cause. :)

After the quiz, Ida Wayan, WK, Astawa and Made G played music and sang. They are really good!
And the girls danced traditional balinese dances. In the balinese/hindu culture, flowers play a big role. They use flowers for offerings, the prayers, and the traditional dancing. They also use the flowers for their hair.

Behind the scenes, I wasn't allowed to see it because the dancing was a surprise, they prepared the flowers for the dances and their hair.

This is what it looks like when they decorate their hair with therm. Pretty, right?


The 4th graders dancing.

They dance with the flowers on the plates.

And I got a flower necklace! A real one, not one with those crappy plastic flowers. They smelled like nice! :)

Bunter and

Putu dancing. I love to watch them dance, they are really good.

Afterwards, Defi, Ilu and Bunter sang while Made G, Astawa, WK and I accompanied them with guitars and drums.

When they sang the alien song, the song from the film they made, Gremos started dancing. He is so cute! In the movie he plays the small alien.

He's got the moves!!! :D

The Oasis made me a book with all the songs we always sing.

Me and the girls after the dancing.

Ade and Bunter
Om Alwi came and cooked for all the children at the Oasis. He is the chef that teaches the SMPs in cooking class.

The master at work.

Kadek and I doing the chopping.

Sooo much food!

The food counter, run by Sam, Kadek and Panca.

And the kids loved it of cause. They looove Nasi. Om Alwi cooked cap cay with tofu, tempe, chicken and of cause, as always, with rice.

Ide Ketut, the English teacher and his wife, Dwi, a math teacher at the Oasis, with their son Ida Wayan Troya.

And aaaaaall of us together. :)
A great day! 

I thank the Oasis, the staff and of cause the children, for this wonderfull day! :)